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The Guguy Interpretation Centre has a novel astronomical observatory which makes it possible to take full advantage of its privileged sky.

This facility has the necessary equipment for spreading astronomical knowledge, not only enabling visual observation of celestial objects but users can also enjoy educational sessions through the "eyes" of the latest-generation scientific cameras, as if they were part of a large telescope.

The images which this automatic telescope captures can be seen in real time projected onto a large screen in full colour: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, planets, our well-loved moon…

The technical characteristics of the astronomical instruments of the Observatory of the Guguy Interpretation Centre:

  • A latest-generation robot telescope optimised for visual observation and astro-photography of the deep sky and the planets. Diameter: 0.28 metres. Focal distance: 2.8 metres. 
  • Electronic CCD image-capturing devices for amateur research and video astronomy for activities aimed at spreading knowledge about astronomy.
  • Medium-range astronomical binoculars.
  • Solar telescope with an Alpha Hydrogen filter for observation and monitoring of solar observation.
  • Dome / observatory of 3.2m diameter, manual and automated.





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Texts: Guacimara Arbelo, José Luis Echevarría, Limonium Canarias, Astroeduca

Images: CREATÍVICA, Oceanográfica, Isidro Padrón, Arturo Boyra

Maps: Orientación Canarias

Design and video: CREATÍVICA

Interviews: Umberto Rodríguez, Guacimara Arbelo