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You are in a unique location which is subject to rules which you must observe. Each one of us can contribute to its conservation, protection and improvement by adopting measures like the following:

  • Avoid leaving signs of your presence in the environment: do not leave any kind of refuse or waste, avoid unnecessary noise and only walk on the marked footpaths.
  • Collecting any kind of animal or plant or any mineral can cause serious imbalances in the ecosystem. Instead you should collect photos and videos… and sensations.
  • You can also contribute to improving this unique area: pick up any wastes you may see as you walk, inform about the qualities of this natural space and get to know it more fully at the Guguy Interpretation Centre.
  • The local population has modelled and conserved this unrepeatable environment for generations so that we may enjoy it today. Let us show our thanks by respecting their customs and traditions, valuing their efforts and participating in their daily lives.
  • We can all conserve this treasure so that it can be enjoyed by future generations too.

(Collaboration Activa Canarias)


Emergencias: 112

Dirección General de Emergencias Gobierno de Canarias: 928117444

Ayuntamiento de La Aldea: 928 89 23 05

Policía local: 928 89 00 64

Centro de Salud: 928 11 81 95

Cabildo de Gran Canaria: 928 21 94 91

Parada de taxis La Aldea: 928 89 01 02

Oficina de turismo de La Aldea: 928 89 03 78



Textos: Guacimara Arbelo, José Luis Echevarría, Limonium Canarias, Astroeduca

Imágenes: CREATÍVICA, Oceanográfica, Isidro Padrón, Arturo Boyra

Mapas: Orientación Canarias

Diseño y vídeo: CREATÍVICA

Entrevistas población local: Umberto Rodríguez, Guacimara Arbelo