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There in the distance, in the West of Gran Canaria, where roaring volcanoes began to form the island, where burning lava accumulated creating a spectacular set of colours and textures in the rocks, nature wanted to set aside a corner protected by colossal mountains and near-vertical ravines, where all is height, all is depth. A place which has been known, since the remotest times, as “Guguy”.

Giant cliffs, rocky plains, slopes of succulent scrub, relicts of almost-extinct woodlands, highlands and wild beaches of black volcanic sand.

Here, you can find 2,920.9 hectares of varied scenes overflowing with life, which have made Guguy be declared a Special Nature Reserve since 1994.

As if this were not enough, to this cast of riches the regular climate for much of the year must be added. The Trade Winds reach up to the highest mountaintops bringing ever more moisture to the continuous inflow of water.

Discover this genuine natural treasure with us… get into Guguy.



Emergency: 112

Dirección General de Emergencias Gobierno de Canarias: 928117444

La Aldea city council: 928 89 23 05

Local Police: 928 89 00 64

Clinic: 928 11 81 95

Cabildo of Gran Canaria: 928 21 94 91

Taxis La Aldea: 928 89 01 02

La Aldea Tourism Office: 928 89 03 78


Texts: Guacimara Arbelo, José Luis Echevarría, Limonium Canarias, Astroeduca

Images: CREATÍVICA, Oceanográfica, Isidro Padrón, Arturo Boyra

Maps: Orientación Canarias

Design and video: CREATÍVICA

Interviews: Umberto Rodríguez, Guacimara Arbelo