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Habitat: This is the space in which a biological population lives (animals and plants). So the conservation of the habitat is fundamental for the conservation of these species.

Intermediate altitudes: This is the intermediate part of the island which is located between the highlands and the coastal areas, with more moist climatic characteristics which favour more luxuriant vegetation.

Biodiversity: This refers to the diversity of plant and animal species which live in a particular place. Preserving biodiversity is indispensable so as to avoid the extinction of species as each one that becomes extinct involves an imbalance in the ecosystem which may endanger the survival of all the living things on the planet.


Emergency: 112

Dirección General de Emergencias Gobierno de Canarias: 928117444

La Aldea city council: 928 89 23 05

Local Police: 928 89 00 64

Clinic: 928 11 81 95

Cabildo of Gran Canaria: 928 21 94 91

Taxis La Aldea: 928 89 01 02

La Aldea Tourism Office: 928 89 03 78



Texts: Guacimara Arbelo, José Luis Echevarría, Limonium Canarias, Astroeduca

Images: CREATÍVICA, Oceanográfica, Isidro Padrón, Arturo Boyra

Maps: Orientación Canarias

Design and video: CREATÍVICA

Interviews: Umberto Rodríguez, Guacimara Arbelo